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Help me live

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The things is, I can’t ignite in you a drive to make you live. Only you can decide, will I exist today, or will I LIVE.
Therefore, I have came up with some reason to live, you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.
1. Love, whether it be of family, friends, or that special someone
2. Chocolate and just sweets in general
3. The sound of rain late at night
4. Hugs
5. Sunsets and sunrises
6. Traveling
7. Good dreams
8. Chasing after your dreams
9. To prove them all wrong
10. Music
11. Laughter
12. Late nights
13. A good hair day
14. The sound of birds
15. Finding money in your pocket
16. Perfect weather
17. A box of puppies
18. The first sip of your favorite drink
19. Freshly waned laundry
20. Bubble wrap
21. Knowing all the words to that one song on the radio
22. Taking off your shoes when you get home
23. Being afraid of something, but doing it anyway
24. The feel after a really hard workout
25. All you can eat buffet
26. A clean room
27. Reading a good book
28. Those lazy mornings
29. Watching a great movie
30. Cold drinks on a hot day